Sunday, August 9, 2015

Exploring the beautiful Tanzania: pt. 2

Another picture dump! Living somewhat close to Moshi, only an hour away + 1000 tsh (50 cents), I have been spending a fair amount of time in the city. I have gotten to know most of the good hardware shops and coffee shops!

Here is a picture of some food I got in Moshi from the Kilimanjaro Lodge Cafe. All the fresh juices are really good here even though they are more on the expensive side--but well worth it and refreshing.

I usually stop by the Union Cafe, a very foreigner place, but they have awesome coffee and cake! Every so often I crave chocolate, its super expensive here, and the cake makes me feel better.

As for weekend trips- we visited some great waterfalls in Marangu. I even jumped off a decent cliff! while the weather was not the greatest, all of us EWH students had a blast!

This is the one I jumped off of though not as impressive as the first one.
Another great weekend involved camping at Lake Chala. This lake is on the edge of the northern Tanzanian and Kenyan border so we were able to see the sunrise over Kenya. Great kayaking, swimming and food!

Its been awesome to keep in touch with the rest of the EWH students in the second month. The weekends are always filled with lots of friends and seeing more of Tanzania.

And last but not least- here is a picture of Mt. Kilimanjaro from Machame Hospital!

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