Monday, July 6, 2015

Masai Village Time!!

At the end of our safari we visited a Masai village. They did a greeting dance, showed us their tiny huts and sold us some of their wares. My engineering partner Camilla was able to get some great photos that we want to share!

 Showing us how they make fire - with just a stick, wood and dried grass.
 They can start herding cattle at 5 years old!
 They really liked camilla's camera and kept trying to grab it.

I know parts of it was highly altered for tourists (especially things they were selling) but it boggles my mind how they live. The father of the village can have many wives- all depending on how many cows he has. Each women has to make their own hut, by hand, out of wood and mud which all her children stay in and sometimes the man of the settlement joins. The one we visited had seven huts for seven wives and all the children were running around outside herding cattle (gaahh- so cute wish I could share all the photos of them!). They said their diet consists of cow meat, blood, marrow and sometimes ugali (a grain porridge). It was like dropping into another world which was an amazing experience (but I am not sure I would want to continue living there).

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