Thursday, June 25, 2015

Making real world tech!

I wanted to share some of the cool projects we have done in the engineering part of our classes here!

The first project was to make an extension cord. I never put two and two together that I could actually make one of these very useful pieces of technology. We made it from a thick wire, outlet box, plug and easily soldered them together!

 Setting up the plug and getting ready to solder.

Another project we did was make a led flashlight. The components were perfboard, white led, AA battery pack, switch and soldered them together. It works and we will be using it in our work next month as electricity is not a constant here.
 It works!!!!

Don't try this at home kids. Trying to use our heat shrink tubing.

Recently we also made a small AC to DC converter (but we do need a transformer to step down the power to 110V or the board will fry. . . I know this from experience). The components were perfboard, 1 kOhm resistor, 1 capacitor 100 uF, 4 diodes, and a transformer jack for plugging into our device.

You can see the black spot where we fried our resistor. . .  Lesson learned

These were great hands on labs that made useful tech! I'll keep you all updated with other cool projects that we do.

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