Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Exploring the beautiful Tanzania

You know you are at the equator when the moon is constantly right above your head! The stars are so beautiful here and the weather is getting a bit warmer. I really wanted to share pictures of the places I have visited the past two weeks. BEWARE: this post is picture heavy. During the weekends we are free to take trips around Tanzania and I have taken full advantage of my time!

The first weekend our whole EWH group visited a coffee farm run by the Chaga tribe- a large ethnic group that inhabits the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. We helped make our own coffee from dried beans -YUM. Then we explored the Chaga caves. These are pretty amazing caves made by the Chaga people a long time ago ( took them over 50 years to make) to protect themselves when the Masai tribe attacked. The caves were very strategic with different structures such as holes for warriors to hide in if the Masai came down and hidden chimneys for their fires. (The picture to the right is the lunch they fed us that day- really good!)

Here our guide is showing us the arabica plant- they plant banana trees nearby to shield it from the elements. We took the dried beans and then ground them and mashed them to take off the skins. Then We boiled it for a long time in water and filtered the final product to get a good ole-cupa-joe.

This past weekend we went on a hike to the town of on the side of Mt. Meru. The view was beautiful in the upper farmlands- a whole different perspective on life in Tanzania compared to the city.
The next day we visited Majimoto hot, well warm, springs. You have to trave through these rural villages in the dust and then suddenly- an oasis appears! We got there early and had the whole place to ourselves for a while- taking full advantage of the rope swing. It was very surreal and felt like a trip you see in magazines. Plus there were loads of monkeys in the trees but were super hard to take a picture of!

The weekend trips have been awesome and this weekend I will be going on a Safari!
Kwaheri! Bye!

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